Frequently Asked Questions

Why do i have to clean my roof?

Roof mold has many negative effects on your roof. Roof mold eats whatever surface that its on. We have seen many times that after leaving a roof grow mold for years, it can damage the integrity of the tiles and greatly shorten the life of the roof.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 2 year warranty to some of our commercial roof cleaning clients. 

What are the payment requirements?

Payment is due on job completion, in many cases we can make arrangements to get paid the next day or even a few days later.

How long will my roof stay clean?

We expect your roof to stay clean for up to 3 years with a Chemical roof Cleaning and 8 months with a Roof Power Washing. Many commercial jobs we will give a 2 year warranty.

What is better Pressure Cleaning or Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical Roof Cleaning is the perferred method with professionals and HOA communities. Most roofing companies will demand this cleaning method to retain your warranty.

Do you cover the bushes when cleaning the roof?

With over 60k roofs cleaned, we have our systems down to a science. We carry and use covers when nessesary.

Will Chemical Cleaning kill my bushes or flowers?

We are trained to work around all plant life, housing materials and surfaces. Our techs are trained to work around high end extensive landscaping designs, we do it all the time. 

Does Chemical Roof Cleaning work right away?

Chemical Roof Cleaning does clean the roof imediatley. When we step off your roof, it is spotless. We leave chemical residue on the roof to retard future growth for years to come. After cleaning more then 60k roofs, we have seen the roofs get cleaner after a few rain falls.

Are your chemicals ECO friendly?

Yes. Safe enough to drink when diluted.

Are you licensed & Insured?

Yes we are licensed & Insured. Our documents are ready for display to our customers. We are highly insured for all commercial work including hospitals and airports.

We Clean ALL Surfaces - All Roofs, Walkways, Walls, Patios, Screens, Windows

We Clean ALL Buildings - Malls, Shopping & Business Plaza, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Hospitals, High Rise, Private Schools & Communities, Parking Garage and much more...



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